Press Release - The Impact Series Adds 2 Features

Press Release - The Impact Series Adds 2 Features

We've officially revealed Captains of Zaatari and Writing with Fire as our next releases!

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An excerpt:

"Canada’s The Impact Series Adds 2 Features

Season 2 of The Impact Series, a film and speaker initiative focused on environmental issues, will close with the Canadian Theatrical Premieres of Ali El-Arabi’s Captains Of Zaatari and Sushmit Ghosh and Rintu Thomas’ Writing With Fire. The first film will open in cinemas on November 17, it is the story of two best friends living in the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan, both with the undying dream of becoming professional soccer players while facing the difficult reality of their lives. The second film opens on December 3, it is a doc following a group of Indian women as they break traditions and redefine what it means to be powerful in a male-dominated news landscape. “We are thrilled to close our sophomore season of The Impact Series with these extraordinarily powerful films,” said Jim Sherry, Founder of The Impact Series. “These brave and inspiring works serve as a reminder that we all have an obligation to address these problems with humanity and empathy.”