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The poster for NOW.  This critically acclaimed documentary film is presented by The Impact Series.
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The poster for Love Child.  This critically acclaimed film is presented by The Impact Series.
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Directors David Abel and Andy Laub

An award winning film showcasing the efforts to protect the North Atlantic right whales from extinction and the clashing impacts on the lobster industry.

This accomplished documentary by David Abel and Andy Laub will be released in cinemas June 18th.

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Lift Like A Girl

Director Mayye Zayed

An intimate journey into the inner life of an aspiring athlete and the female weightlifting community of Alexandria.

For 4 years, Zebiba goes through victories and defeats, including major losses that shape her, as she finds her way from dust to gold.

This accomplished documentary by Mayye Zayed will be released in cinemas July 9th.

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Directed by Brett Morgen

CHICAGO 10 is an innovative animated documentary that tells the story of the young Americans who would not have their opinions oppressed and spoke out during the US 1968 Democratic National Convention in the face of armed government forces.

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