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We are very proud to partner with Water First in raising awareness this December to the many indigenous communities across the country that are without access to clean drinking water.

Our "Let's Take Issue With" December segment will highlight the inequity of this situation and will actively promote, provide education materials,  and drive donations targeted to remedying this challenge.  

We applaud the efforts of Water First and all the dedicated organizations that have committed themselves to getting involved. We thank these inspiring companies and are proud to be part of their efforts to combat all social challenges. 

The Impact Series believes we all have a part to play in making the world a better place. As such, this is one of the many ways we plan to accept our role in fostering positive and sustainable change.   

We ask you to join us this month as we focus on The Water Crisis in Canadian Indigenous Communities. 

We have made a corporate donation of $1000 to kick off this drive.  We ask you to join us! 

Giving has its rewards! If you watch any movie from our site, 25% of the proceeds will be donated to Water First to assist them in their mission to support access to clean drinking water for Indigenous communities in Canada.

Let’s make a difference. Join us today.


Impact Partner:


From our friends at Water First:

"Water First believes that the water crisis in Indigenous communities is unacceptable. Education and skills training are essential in creating solutions that work for communities to support and sustain access to clean water.

Our programs are focused on building strong partnerships and creating lasting results in collaboration with Indigenous communities.

Water First began working with Indigenous communities in Canada in 2012, after being challenged and inspired on numerous occasions about why we weren’t working with communities here in Canada experiencing water challenges.

Our projects with Indigenous communities were initially small but grew quickly.  We focus on both drinking water and environmental water concerns, as well as Water Science education for youth.



To date, Water First has collaborated with Indigenous communities in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Labrador as one of the top charitable organizations in Canada addressing water challenges through education and training.

Finally, we have a few core values that we base our operation on.

  • Everyone has a right to safe, clean water.
  • The water crisis in Indigenous communities in Canada is unacceptable.
  • Skills training is critical to building sustainable solutions to water challenges in First Nations communities.
  • Collaborative programs with First Nations communities should integrate Indigenous values, knowledge, customs and traditions at every opportunity.


To learn more about the Indigenous Water Crisis in Canada and the work of Water First, please visit their website HERE and to donate, click HERE.



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We can all play a role in fighting this social challenge.




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