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The Impact Series steadfastly believes in the educational value that an accessible multimedia platform with a focus on global issues can have. Change can only happen when we are informed and that is what our media company aims to do in an engaging and exciting way.

Our critically acclaimed and award-winning films provoke critical discussions of real world issues facing many today. Our aim is to spread awareness of these issues by distributing these films widely and sustaining the public’s exposure to them. This is how social engagement and meaningful conversations that help promote change can occur.

We have some of the most committed and prominent global organizations dedicated to helping us with our mission such as Human Rights Watch, WWF, Sea Shepherd, Participant Media, and The Canadian Wildlife Organization.


Sherry Media Group
is a Canadian media company specializing in the development of brands and serialized media content intended for consumption in cinema, online, streaming services, and across social media platforms.

Founded In 2020, The Impact Series was the first brand launched under the Sherry Media business model.  

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