Lift Like A Girl - Review Roundup

Lift Like A Girl - Review Roundup

Here are some reviews for our newest release, Lift Like a Girl! Released July 9th, check it out in select theatres or in our Virtual Cinema!


Review by Richard Crouse (featured on CTV and other outlets)

“Pumping Iron,” the film that helped make Arnold Schwarzenegger a household name, probably has more scenes of weightlifting than the new sports documentary “Lift Like a Girl,” now streaming as part of the Impact Series, but it doesn’t have the heart.

Director Mayye Zayed spent four years shooting this fly-on-the-wall documentary. It’s about weightlifting, but like all good sports movies, the sport isn’t the entire point. This is the story of the complex relationship between a coach and an athlete.

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What She Said Talk

Review by Anne Brodie

Watchful coach Captain Ramadan reminds us again and again that he has trained four Olympic athletes in his decrepit vacant lot gym in Alexandria. He loves the girls and is a staunch feminist “A girl has to be as strong as a bull. Prioritizing boys is out of date. Girls are more important”. But he’s not above heaping swears and verbal abuse on them to fire them up to their potential, even though sometimes his words have the opposite effect... A wonderful, haunting foray into a different world where striving for success is a lifestyle, no matter how young. Chills.

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In The Seats With...Mayye Zayed and 'Lift Like A Girl'

Interview by David Voigt