Hollywood Suite to be Exclusive Broadcast Home of The Impact Series Season 1

Hollywood Suite to be Exclusive Broadcast Home of The Impact Series Season 1



Toronto. February 8, 2021. Hollywood Suite is proud to be the exclusive Canadian home for The Impact Series’ eight critically acclaimed and socially impactful feature documentary films. The series will air Monday nights at 9pm ET starting March 15, and will also be available to stream on Hollywood Suite On Demand.

The collection of socially relevant films from around the world addresses complex topics in an accessible and entertaining environment within a platform that facilitates thoughtful discussion.

“Hollywood Suite is the perfect partner for The Impact Series in Canada,” said Jim Sherry, Founder of The Impact Series. “They have demonstrated a commitment to quality programming that is perfectly aligned with our objective of bringing extraordinary stories and speakers to audiences with the intent of raising awareness and scaling discussions.”

“Hollywood Suite is thrilled to partner with The Impact Series to present these important issues to our viewers in a captivating way,” said David Kines, President of Hollywood Suite. “These films cover vital subjects, such as climate change and social justice, that impact our society today and we hope they will educate, spark debate, and ignite inspiration for transformation.”

The eight documentaries in Season 1 are:

CHICAGO 10 (2007) – Premieres Monday, March 15 at 9pm ET
DIRECTOR: Brett Morgen
Re-released to coincide with the 2020 U.S. election, this innovative documentary tells the story of the group of young Americans who would not have their opinions oppressed, and who spoke out during the 1968 Democratic National Convention in the face of armed government forces.

NOW (2020) – Premieres Monday, March 22 at 9pm ET
DIRECTOR: Jim Rakete From Greta Thunberg to the Extinction Rebellion, for the young activist the rebellion is both a means and an end in the struggle for the climate of the future.

TO THE FOUR WINDS (2018) – Premieres Monday, March 29 at 9pm ET DIRECTOR: Michel Toesca
An olive grove farmer on the southeast French border tries to help immigrants without papers, many of them black, crossing over from Italy, but runs into bureaucratic and racist obstructions.

HOLY MOUNTAIN (2017) – Premieres Monday, April 5 at 9pm ET
DIRECTOR: Reinhold Messner
Nepal, 1979: a group of young New Zealanders led by Peter Hillary decide to climb the 6,828-metre-high mountain Ama Dablam. Reinhold Messner and his team intend to do the same. They observe the dangerous ascent of the first group, who very quickly seem to be in serious danger.

J’VEUX DU SOLEIL! (2019) – Premieres Monday, April 12 at 9pm ET
DIRECTOR: Gilles Perret
French journalist François Ruffin – now a Member of Parliament - decides to embark on a journey across France with documentary filmmaker Gilles Perret to visit the infamous Gilets Jaunes (Yellow vests) occupying roundabouts since November 2018 to protest social inequalities.

THE GREAT INVISIBLE (2014) – Premieres Monday, April 19 at 9pm ET
DIRECTOR: Margaret Brown
Re-released to coincide with the 10-year anniversary of the catastrophe, The Great Invisible looks beyond the media coverage of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion, which to this day remains the worst oil spill in American history.

3½ MINUTES, 10 BULLETS (2007) – Premieres Monday, April 26 at 9pm ET
DIRECTOR: Marc Silver
Black Friday 2012: four boys in a red SUV pull into a gas station after spending time at the mall buying sneakers and talking to girls. With music blaring, one boy exits the car and enters the store, a quick stop for a soda and a pack of gum. A man and a woman pull up next to the boys in the station, making a stop for a bottle of wine. The woman enters the store and an argument breaks out when the driver of the second car asks the boys to turn the music down. 3½ minutes and ten bullets later, one of the boys is dead.

In addition to the Monday night series, the Canadian documentary The Divided Brain will be available through Hollywood Suite On Demand beginning April 1, followed by its linear broadcast in September.

THE DIVIDED BRAIN (2019) - Available Hollywood Suite On Demand on April 1
DIRECTOR: Manfred Becker
Inspired by the book “The Master and his Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World” by Dr. Iain McGilchrist, The Divided Brain posits that the imbalance of the human brain could have catastrophic consequences for our species.
Has our society been hijacked by the left hemisphere? Is it too late to correct the imbalance?

To download assets, please use this link. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vp45fs0f9dqlc5j/AAB8qFIdDt807JIogX0kpvX4a?dl=0

For screeners and interview requests please contact: angie@route504pr.com

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The Impact Series is an original film and speaker series focused on social and environmental issues. Developed by media executive and entrepreneur Jim Sherry’s Screen to Stream Media, The Impact Series has committed to educating and connecting consumers to take action in solving challenging and inequitable social issues.

Since launching in Summer of 2020, The Impact Series has quickly reached audiences across 50 countries worldwide with its content across its multimedia platform.

For more information about The Impact Series or Hollywood Suite, please contact: 

Angie Power


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