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We are proud to introduce this new initiative at The Impact Series entitled: "Let's Take Issue With".  This bi-monthly feature will highlight a specific social issue and use the program window to actively promote, provide education materials,  and drive donations to solving this challenge.  

Our involvement is incremental and complimentary to the efforts that many dedicated organizations are making to help solve this issue on a daily basis.  We thank these inspiring companies and are proud to be part of the effort to combat these social challenges. 

We all have a part to play in making the world a better place, this is one of the many ways we plan to accept this responsibility.  

The “Let's Take Issue With" program kicks off this month and will focus on Poverty. 

We have joined the wonderful organization Canada Without Poverty in bringing greater attention to Food Insecurity in our country.

In addition to our commitment to raise awareness, we have made a corporate donation of $1000 to kick off our drive.  We ask you to join us!  We have pledged to donate 25% of the proceeds from each digital rental in our store to Canada Without Poverty (CWP) to combat the formidable enemy, Food Insecurity.  

Join us in this fight to eliminate Food Insecurity and Poverty across Canada!

Impact Partner:

From our friends at CWP:

"Canada Without Poverty is a non-profit, non-partisan, charitable organization dedicated to eradicating poverty in Canada through educating Canadians and identifying public policy solutions. CWP is governed and staffed by people who have direct lived experience with poverty. This lived experience helps to guide our work. We believe that any policy or program implemented by the government to address poverty must be informed and reviewed by people and communities living in poverty.

CWP makes this happen through consultation with government committees, councils, and caucuses to bring the voices of low income and impoverished people to the decision makers. We speak at various roundtables, host public awareness campaigns about the impacts of poverty, write submissions to the United Nations Human Rights Council, and produce our own reports and recommendations on poverty reduction.

In 2019, 10.1% of people in Canada were living in poverty. Poverty is a widespread issue across both the country and the world, but vulnerable groups such as people living with disabilities, single parents, elderly individuals, youth, Indigenous peoples and racialized communities are more susceptible to experiencing poverty. We are seeing this happening currently as these groups have been the most severely impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The effects of poverty can be expressed in different aspects of a person’s life, including food security, access to education and training, health outcomes, and housing security.

One consequence of living in poverty is not having enough food or having limited access to nutritious, culturally appropriate, and healthy food. Food insecurity most occurs commonly due to financial constraints, however it can also occur when an individual lives in a neighbourhood where there is no access to a grocery store or food bank within walking distance or when using public transit. We see this occur most often in rural and remote communities, but can also happen in urban neighbourhoods with expensive grocery stores that force low-income residents to shop in other parts of the city.

Poverty and food insecurity has increased during the pandemic, with many people now experiencing poverty for the first time in their lives. Economists, policymakers, and poverty advocates are projecting the financial strain endured during the pandemic will impact vulnerable communities for years, while middle and high wage earners experienced little to no financial impact or have even seen wealth growth in 2020."

To learn more about poverty in Canada and the work of CWP, please visit their website HERE and to donate, click HERE.

Statistics and Infographics:

We can all play a role in fighting this social challenge.


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